Farm & Community Forestry Support

InterSilva is a not-for-profit company providing consultation and delivery of services to help develop and support farm and community-based forestry, and InterSilva undertakes woodland management services for landowners. The company is based in Somerset, UK and offers its services to individuals, communities and international organisations, and governments in the developing world. Woodland management services are principally focused in the Southwest of England.

Profits from the provision of services are invested in helping develop social forestry as a means of alleviating poverty, protecting and restoring natural environments and to ensure sustainable lives and livelihoods worldwide. Agroforestry, or the incorporation of trees into farming systems, is one of the means to conserve and rebuild farmland and give farmers and others living in rural communities a simple yet rich and diverse lifestyle and healthy environment. We also assist in small scale forest planting and environmental restoration.

InterSilva is a registered company, and complies with the requirements of the UK Government – Companies House (registration number 6470648). InterSilva is manages and controlled by a board of trustees and a director. The objectives of the company are outlined in the Articles of Association. Annual accounts are audited by a qualified professional and the accounts and periodic changes to the board are registered with Companies House each year. As a not-for-profit company, any year-end operating excess becomes available for re-investment in ongoing projects and company operating costs in the future; no profit is distributed to company owners or directors.