2013 Projects

Establishment and Capacity Development for Reforestation in Kerstec and Rapca, Kosovo

This one year project in partnership with Agro-Vet Development (AVD) is supporting the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Dragash region of Kosovo.  The work is helping in landscape restoration through reforestation and the introduction of innovative land use practices such as agroforestry, which can help to rebuild and protect the environment and create economic benefits for the region.  Orchard in KosovoThe Dragash communities of Kerstec and Rapca have requested help from UNDP to put reforestation proposals into action; and AVD and InterSilva are implementing plans on the ground in the first phase.  Initially, a small seedling production facility will be constructed to provide a supply of planting stock for the reforestation effort.

To build the sustainable capacity of the project at community level, AVD is working to ensure public awareness of environmental issues and potential solutions to problems that are within the grasp of community residents.  Assistance is being directed through workshops involving two local NGO’s in order to strengthen links of cooperation and communication between community groups and identify resources available within the region and from outside Dragash.  To take the tree production effort forward young people from the villages are expecting to collect seeds and plant material for propagation and future outplanting in Dragash’s degraded landscapes.  Further cultivation of trees and agroforestry species will take place using seed supplied from international sources.

The project is currently surveying sites for several tree nurseries and is involving the local NGO’s in developing their capacity to take on the task of producing seedlings for the next autumn planting.  InterSilva will be involved in assessing these activities and the resulting reforestation work on a regular basis during 2012.